Archaeological Records & Research

Plan Your Visit or Research Online

Archaeological consultants may have access to MDAH’s archaeological records, including site cards, USGS Topographical maps, archaeological reports, county files and the curated collection.  The two ways available to consultants are by either requesting a visit to the research room or by subscribing to the online Historic Site Management Tool (HSMT).  

Subscriptions to HSMT are $1300 per year, and require an archaeologist meeting the Secretary of the Interior's (SOI) professional qualification standards.  For more information on the subscriptions, as well as a link to apply for a subscription, please click here.  To log into the system with a level two subscriber account, please click here, and select "Subscriber 2".  Note: As applications must be individually approved and vetted for subscriptions, please allow some time for the subscriptions to be processed.

Access to the archaeological search room is by appointment only.   Appointments may be made Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 601-576-6940 or email for scheduling.  Note: As with HSMT subscriptions, appointments must be made by an SOI Qualified Archaeologist, and a CV must be submitted for each researcher before an appointment is made. 

Prior to visiting MDAH or using the MDAH GIS, consultants must have the following on file with us:

  1. A current vita (for everyone visiting or using the files, including the P.I.) 
  2. A company General Statement of Purpose on letterhead 

What to Bring

  1. Only pencils, no pens, will be allowed in the search room. No bags or containers of any kind will be allowed. They may be left in the lockers provided off of the lobby.
  2. All copies of materials are $0.20/sheet. Payment is due at the time that copies are made or by prior billing arrangement.

When You Arrive

  1. Consultants must sign the Policy on Accessing Archaeological Records.  
  2. Receive an assigned copy number (copy numbers are per company, not individual).
  3. Please sign in and out when entering and exiting the search room.
  4. Consultants will not re-file any materials. There will be designated areas to place materials once finished with them. The staff will re-file all materials including site cards, quad maps, reports and county files.


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