State Historical Markers

State Historical Markers

Since 1949 the State Historical Marker program has identified and interpreted historic sites across Mississippi.  More than one thousand markers can be found near buildings, battlefields, cemeteries, churches, temples, forts, homes, schools, and abandoned towns.

For tourists the markers may be their only glimpses into the state’s rich and varied history. For Mississippi communities the markers can be points of pride that memorialize locally important people and events.

State Historical Markers are privately sponsored and funded. Anyone may sponsor a marker. To qualify a site must have unique historical significance to the local community, the state, or the nation.

Application Process

Interested in sponsoring a marker? Complete our online form to receive an application.

Get Started

Once MDAH has received the completed form, staff will work with you throughout the process including drafting text and presenting the request to the MDAH Board of Trustees for approval.

MDAH will work directly with the manufacturer in the fabrication and shipping of the markers, and the finished marker will be shipped to the Mississippi Department of Transportation district office nearest the site, at which time the manufacturer will bill the sponsor directly.

Many sponsors choose to have an unveiling ceremony for new markers. A representative from the Department of Archives and History is usually able to attend.

Pricing for Historical Markers

Pricing effective July 1, 2020, and is good thru May 1, 2022.

Mississippi Markers (30″x42″ pattern delivered with a 7’ post)
1 inch letters:     $2,120 ($1,995 w/o post)
1.5 inch letters:  $1,990 ($1,865 w/o post)

Posts (UPS delivery included)
7 feet:     $325
10 feet:   $350

For more information about sponsoring a marker, write to


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