Learning Lagniappes

Learning Lagniappe Educator Extras

Use the Learning Lagniappes, two-page guides, to help your students navigate many collections in the MDAH Digital Archives. Topics range from the 1927 Flood to the Thomas Foner Freedom Summer Papers. A complete listing of Lagniappes is available below.

The Rise and Fall of Farish Street
in Jackson, Mississippi
1964 Freedom Summer
Effects of Black Codes on the Reconstruction Amendments
The Lost Cause A Legacy of Reconstruction
Living Through the Siege of Vicksburg
George Ohr: “The Mad Potter of Biloxi”
Medical Advertisements: Civil War Era
1927 Flood Photograph Collection
The Thomas Foner Freedom Summer Papers
Mississippi State Department of Health Photograph Album
Speak Now: Memories of the Civil Rights Era
World War I Statement of Service Cards and Indices (Mississippi)
Sovereignty Commission Online
Hurricanes Camille and Katrina Photograph Collections


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